Helping organizations build best-in-class Leaders, Employee Experience Infrastructure, and People Analytics Architecture.

We will work with you from intent to final build, including hiring the right teams and partnering with the right vendors for your own customized needs.

Who are we?

DeepDive Talent Insights & Analytics is a management consulting firm focused on optimizing the balance between employee needs  and organizational outcomes. We create customized solutions to help organizations create a positive employee experience with productive and engaged employees. Our methods are data driven and we are committed to provide tools and measures for business decision support, especially for complex people-related issues.

 How can we help?

We take practical approaches to employee related issues, and use data driven approaches to drive solutions.  We work with organizations and executives to focus on three major things:

Why are we doing it this way?

How can we make this simpler?

How can we challenge ourselves to make this better?

We aim to help organizations to genuinely listen to their employees and find balance between their culture, employees, and their bottom line goals. We apply a data-centric and contextual approach to finding innovative solutions to help with business decision support

Our approach is collaborative, and we engage with key stakeholders to come up with real and actionable business solutions by designing tools, identifying key metrics, and helping develop long-term strategic training, methods and goals that are not only actionable, but simple, sustainable, and practical.

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