Our Approach

We take a data-centric approach to HR data to create custom solutions that have real and actionable business impact. We combine our years of experience in academic research and corporate settings with our expertise in HR, data analysis, and people analytics to bring tools for on-time business decision support. We believe in continuously listening to employees using multi-layered platforms so organizations can pivot quickly and build a supportive environment that fosters a positive employee experience – leading to a more productive and engaged workforce who are advocates for your company and brand.

Our Story

In our experience working within the HR and people analytics space, one thing has become very clear: the way we are thinking about and approaching human resources needs to change. Data is our friend, and we need to do more than just collect it. We need to ensure that we are constructing valid measures that are actionable, and support real and on-time business decisions. These tools also need to be simple while yet contextual to recognize the complexity of people, and the situational strength of being at work. Data often feels like our enemy when it doesn’t tell us what we want to hear, or worse – says nothing at all.

Real analytics about people is an investment. This company was founded on that understanding. We are here to help your company #thinkdifferently about HR, and provide customized solutions to put your company at the forefront of the future of work.

Meet The Founder:

Kalifa K. Oliver, Ph.D.

Founder & Managing Partner

Thank you for considering DeepDive as your consulting partner and coach. My name is Kalifa Oliver and I created DeepDive to bring together leadership, employee experience, data, and people analytics in a future-oriented, innovative, and actionable way that optimizes how we discover, value, retain, and elevate talent. I am a proud self-confessed people data and research nerd with over 15 years experience in both academia and Fortune 50 companies as an executive consultant and in leadership. My Ph.D. attained at Clemson University is in Industrial-Organizational Psychology and I also have certification in people Analytics from MIT. I love to challenge the way we think about work and employees. I unapologetically advocate organizations to innovate how they create human employee experiences using people data, employee voice design, organization listening, and behavioral architecture. I am an executive partner who will focus on practical, strategic, and actionable outcomes while maintaining a working relationship steeped in honesty, empathy, and humor.

In order to serve DeepDive’s clients better, and to ensure that you get the highest quality services and deliverables, I have created some phenomenal partnerships with amazingly talented and highly experienced professionals. You are definitely in good hands with DeepDive!

Meet DeepDive’s Independent Partner Network

Let’s meet DeepDive’s incredible partners.

Janelle H. Cheung, Ph.D.

Talent Research & Innovation Development

Aisha Pectyo

Data Science – Advanced Analytics, Machine Learning & AI

Danielle Melton

International, Cultural & DE&I Consulting

James A. Ledbetter III

Client Relationships and Experiences