Employee Experience Research Strategy consulting

Our employee research strategy has 4 main areas of focus:

  • Continuous listening strategy development
  • Survey and measurement design and consulting
  • HR/People data vendor life cycle consulting
  • Diversity and inclusion strategy consulting
  • Remote, FlexWork, FlexPlace, and Work-Life Balance support and readiness consulting

strategic Executive leadership & Management communication Consulting

What leaders say matter. Leadership's communication with employees is an often overlooked part of the employee experience. Nuances and subtleties are oven understood very differently depending on what level of the organization it comes from.

Work Design Simplification & Efficiency Management

Complex work environments create serious risks within organizations. They are a leading contributor of employee stress and burnout. Simplifying work designs can increase performance and engagement, and can be a big long-term cost saving measure. It also allows for a better understanding of talent, talent gaps, and the work itself, so that concrete actions can be taken to remediate related people and performance issues.


Employee and culture crises can arise suddenly and escalate quickly. Culture issues are harmful to organizational reputation, and can be difficult to overcome if not carefully addressed, measured, monitored, and supported using sound data and effective measurement strategies. Depending on the industry, culture and employee crises can mean federal and regulatory investigations that can result in large fines. It is longer enough for companies to launch a marketing campaign to repair corporate reputation damage, it is imperative for organizations to do root cause analysis and build long term strategy to actually change culture – from leadership to front-line employees.


Listen to your employees

Your employees are talking whether or not you choose to listen, and they often have valuable things to say. Let us help you tap into that wealth of data that is ready and tailor made for your company.

good data makes for good decisions

All the data you collect tell a story. Make sure the data instruments are designed well and with rigor, so you are tapping into the most actionable and powerful stories that are fully customized to your company.


Dive in

The future of work is not waiting. We can help you #thinkdifferently. Our talented team will help you design impactful business solutions